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Hi, I’m Michele Muccigrosso, your local Digital Marketing Specialist. When we meet, in person, I’ll explain the most common benefits of digital marketing for businesses today and why it’s so important to create a thoughtful strategy. Whether you’re starting from scratch or refining your existing strategy, it’s a good time to review your plan and make sure it’s designed to maximize the key benefits.

Perhaps you’ve been reluctant to adopt an online marketing strategy but that doesn’t mean your competitors haven’t. They could be conquering the digital landscape, poaching your potential customers, and offering a better first impression to anyone searching for businesses like yours. To make matters worse, every day they continue to follow these strategies – the further ahead they will be from you
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The Time is Now

Digital marketing is the leading marketing strategy of the 21st century — in fact, the industry will be worth $786.2 billion worldwide by 2026. But not every business has bought into this marketing strategy. In spite of the ubiquity of digital marketing.
Failing to understand the benefits of digital marketing could lessen its impact on your business — and ultimately, that can result in missed opportunities for growth. When you understand the most common advantages of digital marketing, you’ll be well-positioned to develop a winning strategy and invest strategically in effective digital marketing campaigns.

Global Reach
Cost Efficiency
Measurable Results
 Effective Targeting
Increased Engagement
Improved Conversion Rate
 Social Currency
Greater ROI

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